PHXCCC: Do You Even Podcast? Panel

On the last day of Phoenix Comic Con 2016, Logan from The Paper Robots, Matt from Absolute Geek Podcast, & Bandrew from The Bandrew Says Podcast ran a panel titled "Do You Even Podcast?".

In this panel, they briefly touched on their podcasting motivations and history, and then dive into Q&A with an awesome audience. The topics covered range from what's the best audio gear to start a podcast with to how do you host your podcast to how do you prepare for a podcast episode. If you are new to podcasting or if you plan on starting your own podcast, this is a must watch.

Do You Even Comic: Daytripper

Hello and welcome to another edition of Do You Even Comic. This month we are looking at the wonderful title, "Daytripper" by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. The Vertigo title was printed in 2010 then hit #1 on New York Times Charts and won the Eisner Award for "Best Story Arc" in 2011.   

The Story

Enough awards and praise, lets get into the story of "Daytripper." The story follows Bras de Oliva Domingos, the child of a world famous Brazilian author, who wants to be an acclaimed writer himself. The story is beautiful as each chapter follows a different part of his life, but at the end of each chapter he dies. 

Daytripper is all about quiet moments and the journey of life, the reflections we take and the paths we go down, it looks at each path and says "what if that was it"? Its these quiet moments, these little moments that I love in stories. The story of a man living life, but told so magically. The book has rhythm and words like lyrics. The art is surreal at times and always amazing. 

Why this book?

This book was my first exposure to the twin brothers that created this story and my first time really seeing non american art. It would be a few years after reading this book that I could see the influence of Brazilian art style like Daytripper seep into American comics and I am so delighted it has. This art help capture the emotions and moods of a story like nothing I had seen before. Daytripper is for those of us that day dream and get lost in emotional journeys. Its for storytellers and all of us that think about the "what if."

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