The Shrieker Podcast 011: Scott Rhymer

Scott Rhymer, owner of Black Cambell Entertainment  joins us to talk about starting a small publishing company. He has has been writing novels for 16 years and has written for Victoriana (which you can try at one of our Thursday games) and other games. Many of his games and writing are fueled by his interest in history and research. He plans to start by releasing modules for FateUbiquity, and Savage Worlds. The first should be White Apes of the Congo, due out in October. If those are successful, he hopes to eventually follow that up with his own system.

For your downloading pleasure, Scott has written a couple interesting characters for Hollow Earth Expedition. I threw in some quick character sketches and now they’re here for you to enjoy.

The Free RPG Society: The Deep Forest, a hack of The Quiet Year where you play as a community of D&D monsters reclaiming your land after a human occupation. That theme, the pacing, set by a deck of cards, the artifact of the map the players create all make this a wonderfully thoughtful and different game than your typical RPG. Look for a full a review on the Geeks Rising blog.

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A Brief History of Nerdist

If you have been online in the last few years, you have heard of Chris Hardwick, and Nerdist Industries. That's why I decided to tackle this behemoth in todays Vlog. What I share is stuff I have known from listening to the nerdist podcast, but it was pretty cool digging through old archived versions of the site, and seeing that this website started out as a personal blog about starting a new job, and making some music with some friends. It's really inspiring. Well, I hope you enjoy the video!