Each G2000 3.5mm Stereo Gaming Headset Review/Test

Alright ladies and gentleman. Time for another Mic test video. The search for an all in one gaming headset for podcasting is still underway, but I think I have found the current front runner.

This is a generic  headset that seems to be sold under a bunch of different company names on Amazon. But it works well for what I'm looking for and it runs between $22 & $25 on amazon.

The build quality is flimsy plastic, which feels cheap, but it does have nice ear piece and head piece padding to keep it comfortable. It also has a braided cable that leads into (2) 3.5mm Cables (Headphone / Microphone) and a USB cable (whose purpose I could not determine). It does have a small control dongle in the middle of the headphone wire that allows you to mute your microphone and adjust your headphone volume.

The headphones provide a frequency response of 20Hz - 20kHz, but they do not fit snuggly to your head, so if you are playing games in a loud environment, you will be able to hear everything going on around you. I tested the Freq Response on AudioCheck.net and the stated response seemed to be pretty accurate. I will blame the small discrepancy on my own hearing loss.

The mic is another thing that blew me away. It is a dang good sounding mic, but there is no listed frequency response, and I haven't developed an accurate way of testing that yet. The microphone is omni directional, which  for a gaming headset seems a bit strange to me. So if you are going to be gaming in a loud area, this may not be the best headset. Another thing that I was not a fan of, is the mic is not articulating, meaning, I cannot position the mic closer or farther away from my face. It only moves on one axis. 

A HUGE problem I have is with the way it was shipped. It came in an amazon box, and the headphones were inside, but only in bubble wrap. No directions, or spec sheets, or proper packaging were included. That makes the company seem pretty crappy, and it would make me hesitant to want to test out any more of their equipment, if this mic didn't sound so good for $20! 

Overall I would recommend this mic if you are going to be in a quiet room designated for gaming, or if you are going to be podcasting. If you are in competitions, or play with the sound on your TV or Computer turned up, this may not work well for you. Really cool headset though, and I'm glad that our viewer Cobra Gaming requested this device.

Buy it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1ja3Ip8