BSP-085: The Equifax Data Breach

On episode 85 of the BSP I talk about the HUGE Equifax Data Breach, recording a podcast with a condenser mic, Disney’s streaming service, Roku’s new channel, Updates to YouTube’s streaming capabilities, YouTube HDR Playback, and China Banning ICO’s. I also share some feedback from a listener who lives in China re: Deanonymizing users comments.

In the ask Bandrew segment I hear about Australian internet, recommend some speaker amps that I’ve used, Talk about the Rode NT-USB, Answer if I hate Donald Trump, and answer how I stay polite while answering the same question over and over again.

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00:00 - Intro
00:45 - Recording a Podcast with a USB Condenser Mic (Processing listed on
03:06 - Roku Is Launching a Channel
06:30 - Marvel & Star Wars Films Only on Disney’s Streaming Service
08:00 - YouTube Updating Live Streaming Capabilities
12:25 - YouTube Rolling Out HDR Playback to Android Devices
13:53 - China Banned ICO’s
15:45 - Feedback About my Thoughts on China Deanonymizing Internet Commenters
20:55 - Equifax Data Breach!!!
29:50 - Fulltone OCD Pedal
30:17 - New Pickups for Guitar
30:30 - Researching Guitar Amps
31:21 - Ask Bandrew
31:38 - Australian Internet Speeds
32:54 - Speaker Amps ( or (Affiliate Links)
34:06 - Can You Use the Rode NT-USB & Do You Hate Trump?
36:00 - How Do You Stay Polite While Answering Questions That You Answered in Your Video?
38:52 - Outro

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BSP-056: Thoughts on PewDiePie, Disney, & YouTube

On episode 56 of the BSP, the main focus is discussing PewDiePie getting dropped by Maker Studio, YouTube canceling part of his monetization ability, and the cancellation of Scare PewDiePie. I share my thoughts on this event as well as political correctness, and what I think society needs to do to move forward.

Before this, I share one of the most satisfying moments of my life, and a dream that explains why I'm in no rush to jump into another relationship, as well as why my previous relationships have likely failed.

In news, I talk about Russia sending Edward Snowden back to the US, the possibility of Social Media Passwords being required to enter the U.S. and updated to the UK OSA. As far TV, I recommend Mind Field on YouTube Red. Lastly, what I have been testing, I cover verizon unlimited very briefly, and then getting set up with YubiKey, and my current status of Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference.

00:00 - Intro
01:08 - Recording with Blue Spark
01:49 - Most Satisfying Moment of Life
05:13 - Sharing My Dream
07:30 - PewDiePie Incident
12:40 - Russia Sending Snowden Back
14:02 - Social Media Passwords Required to Enter the U.S.
15:43 - UK Law Updates for Whistleblowers
16:44 - Mind Field
18:02 - Verizon Unlimited
18:24 - YubiKey Update
19:58 - Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference
22:04 - X-Files Books
22:36 - Outro

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