BSP-101: What Can We Learn From Logan Paul’s Mistake

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On episode 101 of The Bandrew Says Podcast, I provide updates to the Apple Battery issue, Twitter’s response to requests to Ban Trump, Apple developing a new series, What we can learn from Logan Paul’s video about locating a dead body, Apps recording what you’re watching, Meltdown & Spectre, and X-files Season 11 Season Premier.

In the ask bandrew segment, I answer questions about dabbing, minecraft, why I don’t game, AT2020 & UMC204HD, my old band, stickers vs. magnets, Favorite  X-files episode, Who I’d make a duet with, who I’d musically train with, and my favorite ice cream.

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00:00 - Intro
00:57 - Still Not Using TLM102
01:25 - Update to Apple Battery Issues
02:30 - Trump Getting Banned on Twitter?
07:15 - Apple Picks Up True Crime Series
08:43 - What Can We Learn From Logan Paul’s Mistake
23:35 - Apps Recording What You’re Watching
26:18 - Our Computers Are All DOOMED!!!!! (Meltdown & Spectre)
30:40 - My Thoughts on X-Files Season 11 Premier
33:10 - Ask Bandrew
33:28 - Email 1
34:00 - Did you do the dab?
34:48 - Will you watch my podcast?
35:04 - Do you play minecraft?
35:53 - When’s your next Why I Don’t Game?
37:12 - AT2020 into UMC204HD
38:03 - Email 2
38:49 - What Did Your Old Band Sound Like?
40:05 - Did You Reach The Sound You Wanted?
42:03 - Email 3
42:15 - Thoughts on Logo Magnets vs Stickers?
44:04 - Email 3
46:08 - What’s the One Episode of X-Files You Would Watch?
48:34  - Who do you want to do a Duet With? (HALEY REINHART)
49:10 - Who would you want to musically train with?
50:58 - Have you found covers of your songs?
51:15 - What’s your least favorite ice cream flavor?
52:18 - Outro

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