BSP-063: YouTube Adpocalypse Explained

00:00 - Intro
01:01 - Coming to Terms with Imperfection
02:26 - YouTube Apocalypse
12:20 - YouTube TV is Live
14:02 - Comcast Mobile Phone Service
16:44 - Amazon Launching AmazonCash
18:45 - Twitter Sues Homeland Security
20:27 - Invincible (Comic Book) Movie
21:36 - New Louis CK Stand Up
22:00 - Blue Apron
22:40 -
24:07 - Ask Bandrew
32:00 - Outro

On episode 63 of the BSP, the main topic I cover is the YouTube adpocalypse. I talk about what caused this "crisis", what it means for youtubers, and how the 10,000 view minimum for monetization likely won't have a huge impact.

In other news, I cover YouTube TV launching, Comcast launching a mobile phone service, AmazonCash launching, and Twitter suing the Department of Homeland Security.

I also talk about about an upcoming film based on the Invincible Comics, a new Louis CK Stand up special, Blue Apron, and Lastly in the ask bandrew section of the podcast, I recommend a camera, talk about a US bank account for a non-US citizen (, talk about monetizing a podcast, and talk about my emergency plans.

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