BSP-109: YouTube Ads and Alex Jones

On episode 109 I talk about Twitter launching bookmarks, 3 new youtube live streaming features, Advertisers pulling advertisements from Alex Jones’ youtube channel, Youtube reinstating advertisements on Logan Paul’s channel, Youtube mistakenly taking down right wing channels & videos, Facebook facial recognition, Apple storing iCloud encryption keys in China, Apple using Google Cloud services to store your iCloud data, and China censoring social media responses.

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00:00 - Intro
00:45 - Twitter Launches Bookmarks
01:33 - New YouTube LiveStream Features
03:58 - Advertisers Pull Ads off Alex Jones’ YouTube Channel
06:00 - YouTube Reinstating Ads on Logan Paul’s Channel
08:45 - YouTube Mistakenly Took Down Conservative / Right-Wing Channels
11:23 - Facebook Facial Recognition!
13:20 - Apple Storing iCloud Encryption Keys in China
16:03 - Apple Storing iCloud Data on Google Cloud
17:50 - China Censoring Social Media Response
19:48 - Ask Bandrew
20:13 - E-mail 1
21:27 - If you could switch two film characters, what would lead to the best improvement
22:48 - How do you deal with regret for not asking someone something?
24:49 - How do you measure conversational subtext? 
26:00 - E-mail 2
26:22 - Will you check out 12-Gauge Microphones
27:24 - E-mail 3
28:10 - Thoughts on Celebs Joining YouTube?
31:27 - How do you find new media?
34:11 - E-mail 4
34:25 - Favorite Film?
35:10 - Favorite Podcast?
36:05 - Want a Christmas interface?
36:10 - Boom Arm Recommendation for AT2020
37:09 - Outro 

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BSP-044: Big Trouble in Little Microphone Market

00:00 - Intro
01:17 - My face is disgusting
02:20 - Thanksgiving
03:18 - Organization in the Studio
07:31 - Problems With the Mic Market
15:07 - My plans for the future
17:14 - Black Mirror Season 3
18:15 - Macbook Pro Skins
18:45 - Buying a new MacBook
20:11 - Apple Watch Series 1
22:05 - Finding the best iPhone Case
25:32 - Outro

On episode 44 of the BSP, I briefly talk about my disgusting face and why it is exceedingly disgusting on the day of recording. I also talk about what my thanksgiving celebration (or lack there of) consisted of. 

The main focus of this episode covers a severe problem in the microphone market place which can lead to confusing those new to audio recording, as well as drive me to point of losing my mind. This entire rant will likely ruin the possibility of any future relationships with mic companies.

Then I shortly discuss my future plans, black mirror season 3, purchasing a new MacBook, adding skins to my current matchbook pro, as well as what I have been testing.

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