BSP-097: Patreon Changes Fee Structure

On episode 97 of the BSP, I talk about why Universal Audio Interfaces are so expensive and then dive into the news. In the news I cover Senators requesting the FCC delay the vote to kill net neutrality to assess the comments, The FCC agreeing to aid in an investigation into the validity of comments, Amazon Prime Video being available on Apple TV, and Apple Cash being launched.

I also cover Patreon changing it’s fee structure, YouTube growing it’s manual video review team, youtube being blocked on Amazon devices, and Facebook launching a Kids only messenger app.

In TV & Movies of the week I talk about the release of Black Mirror Season 4, and a Twilight Zone reboot coming to CBS’ streaming service.

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00:00 - Intro
00:58 - Why are Universal Audio Apollo Interfaces So Expensive?
03:49 - Senate Requested Delay to FCC Net Neutrality Vote
06:45 - FCC Aiding in New York State Comment Investigation
08:42 - Amazon Prime Videos Available on Apple TV
09:50 - Apple Cash Available
11:05 - Patreon Changes Fee Structure
16:00 - YouTube’s Manual Review Team Growing to 10,000
17:20 - YouTube Blocked on Echo Show & Fire TV
21:44 - Facebook Launches Kids Messenger App (
27:45 - Black Mirror Season 4 Release
28:23 - Twilight Zone Reboot
29:12 - What I’ve Been Testing
30:24 - Ask Bandrew
31:13 - Using the Neumann TLM102 & Shockmount
31:44 - What do you think your best video is?
32:33 - What is your best video?
33:24 - Why do you use the 2i2 2nd Gen for your reviews?
35:57 - Favorite Moment from School?
37:01 - Favorite Moment from Playing in Bands?
38:25 - Favorite Music from the 2010’s?
39:23 - Favorite Podcasts Currently?
41:12 - Favorite Mixer?
41:45 - Best Mic for Beginning Film Makers?
42:29 - Do you think we landed on the moon?
44:16 - Outro

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