BSP-033: How To Overcome Personal Failures & Haters

00:00 - Intro
01:12 - Unbox Therapy Giveaway (Leave Lewis Alone)
05:56 - Amazon Echo Competitor
07:08 - Pokemon Go Users
08:29 - Gawker is Dead
11:03 - YouTube Social Network?
14:34 - Canon 5D Mark IV
15:50 - Apple iPhone is Completely Screen!
19:25 - Halt & Catch Fire
21:05 - Deadspace
22:07 - How Deal with Haters & Personal Failures
34:13 - Outro

On today's episode of the BSP, I go on a few length rants. First on the list revolves around Lewis from Unbox Therapy and peoples expectation and belief that he owes free phones to people. 

I then cover a lot of news from a new Amazon Echo competitor, Pokemon Go's user base, Gawker going bankrupt, a New YouTube Social Network, a New Canon 4k DSLR, and a Phone that is Completely Screen.

I briefly talk about Halt & Catch Fire and then Deadspace. For the main topic, I go in depth on how I deal with and overcome haters I encounter, people who doubt my goals, and finally personal failures in life.

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Canon DSLR That Shoots 4K Video

You read that title right. After years of waiting, Canon has finally announced that their Canon 5D Mark IV will be able to shoot 4k video!

The camera will utilize their new 30.4 Megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor which is a 6 megapixel increase from the prior iteration. This new sensor also allows you to shoot 4k video in 24 or 30fps. Just like the other canon DSLR's I've used for video, it does still have the 29:59 second limit.

One of the coolest photos on this camera is Dual Pixel RAW setting. What this allows you to do is make minute adjustments to focus and bokeh. Unfortunately this feature does take up 2x the memory, and decreases your buffer size for bursts down to 7 images.

The camera provides an ISO range of 100-32000, which is expandable to 50-102400! It also offers 63 points of autofocus, covering approximately 80% of the image plane.

For more information here is canon's product page as well as a video from Fro Knows Photo discussing the features of the 5D Mark IV!

Bandrew's Favorite Things of 2015

Greetings Earthlings. I figured what better way to celebrate a new year than by celebrating consumerism and telling you all the awesome stuff I came across that I learned to love and would lose my mind if I were to lose.

Zojirushi Water Bottle:
You may think that it is ridiculous to have a water bottle as one of my favorite things, but this thing is amazing. There are two main attractions to this thing, how long it keeps drinks hot/cold (here's a link to the thermos comparison), and the locking mechanism. The locking mechanism was my main reason for loving this water bottle. It allows me to throw it in my messenger back at cons and not worry about it spilling and destroying a camera or laptop.

Fisher Space Pen:
This is a no brainer. You just never know when you're going to need a pen, and this pen fits in your pocket extremely easily, and when opened, is a full pen. I adore this thing, and it's always in my pocket.

Zoom H6:
This device changed the entire way that I record. I did endless research when looking at these types of devices and finally settled on this guy for a few reasons. It has allowed me to replace my Tascam US-322, upgrade from 2 XLR inputs to 4 XLR inputs (expandable to 6), record without my laptop, and still use this as an interface with my computer. It's the best recording device I've ever come across.

Canon 70d:
I don't think that this needs any sort of explanation. Prior to picking this up, I was making videos with a Go Pro and Logitech C920 Webcam. Don't get me wrong, both these cameras served me well, but this just improved the image quality of my Videos & Thumbnails that I can't praise this thing enough.

Canon 10-18mm Lens:
I don't really have anything to say about this other than this thing is awesome. I got it because I planned on filming myself a lot, and I have found this on my camera almost all the time, except when I'm photographing a microphone.

Timbuk 2 Messenger Bag:
I searched for years to find a messenger bag and I finally did. This thing is amazing! I did a full review on it a few months back, and I can't recommend it enough. It has everything you need for daily life and con life.