CAD U1000 USB Studio Condenser Mic Review / Test

Today we're reviewing a potato, I mean a microphone from CAD; the CAD U1000. This mic is listed compatible with Windows & Mac.

For the majority of this review, I have connected the mic directly to my mac computer with the computer gain set at ~35%. I have not boosted the audio at all in post, and there is no other post processing completed on the audio.

If you are interested in this microphone, it will set you back $40-$80 on Amazon

What's In the Box

  1. Microphone

  2. Wind Screen

  3. USB to USB cable

  4. Microphone Mount

  5. Desktop Microphone Stand

  6. Documentation


  1. Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz

  2. Polar Pattern: Cardioid

  3. Sampling Rate: 44.1kHz

  4. Bit Depth: 16-Bit

Performance / Features

The build quality of this microphone feels decent. It has an all metal body and a metal grill covering the capsule. On the front of the microphone you will find a blue LED light to indicate that it is receiving power. Directly beneath this, you will find a headphone volume up and down control. Next you'll find a microphone mute button that does not mute the microphone's signal to the computer, but rather mutes the zero latency monitoring. Lastly you will find a 3.5mm headphone port which does offer latency free monitoring.

The frequency response is listed as 20Hz - 20kHz. I do not think this microphone offers any sound worth discussing in depth. It is underwhelming and sounds exactly like you would expect a low end USB mic to sound.

The polar pattern of this mic is listed as cardioid. It did pick up a fair amount of audio as we moved around the microphone, and also picked up a bit of the quiet keyboard that I test while reviewing the mic.

The overall performance of this mic is mediocre at best. As you can tell, throughout the majority of the review (on the mac), there are clipping artifacts in the audio. I demonstrate how no matter what gain I set the mic at, there are clipping artifacts. On the windows machine this issue did not occur. My issue here is that the mic is listed as compatible with Windows and MAC, and just like other CAD mics I've tested, the performance on the MAC computer leaves a LOT to be desired.


  • Comes with everything you need

  • Fairly quiet preamp

  • Zero latency monitoring

  • Decent build quality


  • If you get too close to the microphone on a mac, it clips

  • Audio recorded sounds very mediocre


No I do not recommend this microphone, even if you can get it for the discounted $40. I think that the clipping issue on the mac is unacceptable and do not have faith in a company that would release a product like this.

Some of you may be thinking I'm being too harsh, and that this could be attributed to a faulty unit, however, I have tested out two other CAD microphones and experienced very similar issues, and was not able to receive any assistance from the company. For $40, I would suggest looking at something like the Samson Go Mic, and all around better microphone.

If you have any additional questions about this microphone, leave them on the youtube video, and I will try to reply ASAP. 

Buy it on Amazon

CAD U1 USB Dynamic Microphone Review/Test

Ladies and Gentleman. I do not like to badmouth a microphone or a company, but in this case I don't think I have any other choice. I tested out the Cad U37, and had an issue with the microphone being too hot (too loud). I assumed that this was a manufacturing error. I got a request from a viewer to test out the CAD U1, and I jumped at the opportunity because it has such good ratings for a $20 microphone.

I ran into the exact same problem as the CAD U37. The microphone is too hot. I set my microphone input gain at 1% and I was still clipping at 3 feet away from the microphone. On top of that, this microphone has no shielding, so you will be picking up radio waves and all sorts of noise. I have even seen people wrapping it with wire to ground it and eliminate a buzz. 

I understand. This is only a $20 microphone, so you can't expect amazing quality, but this is just absurd. Call me crazy, but if you're selling a microphone, regardless of the price, it should be useable. I should note that I have tested these mics out on Mac computers (which it says it is compatible with) and I think that may be a big issue. If I ever get a PC, I will revisit this microphones, but as of right now, I cannot tell you enough: DO NOT BUY A CAD USB MICROPHONE!