BSP-127: Tags on YouTube Don't Matter, YouTube Copyright Takedowns, Macbook Pros, and more

On episode 127 of the BSP, I talk about how tags on youtube impact your search and discover, new copyright identification and take down tools, youtube funding news organizations, youtube incognito mode coming to android, New Macbook Pros & Apple eGPU, the FBI arresting a former Apple Engineer, Apple passcode still able to be brute forced, and License plate tracking at malls.


00:00 - Intro
00:36 - Tags on YouTube No Longer Matter for Search & Discovery
04:45 - New Copyright Takedown Tools
09:17 - YouTube Funding News Organizations
14:30 - YouTube Incognito Mode Coming to Android
15:30 - New Macbook Pros & eGPU
20:27 - FBI Arrests Ex Apple Engineer
23:51 - Apple Fixes Password Cracking Tool & It’s Bypassed Immediately
24:43 - License Plate Tracking at the Mall
26:15 - Commenter Calling me Out & Keeping me Honest
28:18 - Chicago Transit, Disney Land, & Disney World using Facial Recognition
29:10 - Ask Bandrew
29:40 - Email 1
30:11 - What do you do with all the mics?
30:38 - Do you consider selling your microphones?
32:04 - Do you have a closet full of microphones?
33:18 - How much have you spent on microphones?
32:45 - Email 2
33:25 - How should I process my audio in OBS?
36:08 - Email 3
36:23 - If you got the RE20 first, would you like it more than the SM7b?

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