BSP-025: Being Authentic on Youtube & Podcasts

00:00 - Intro
01:27 - How You Helped Me last Week!
03:17 - Apple Dictation Tool
05:01 - Brexit
06:05 - New Amazon Kindle
06:55 - New Nasa App
08:02 - YouTube New
12:17 - Bit Torrent App
13:50 - Show & Tell X-Files
16:11 - Every Day Carry Stuff
20:23 - UFOs & Freaking Aliens
23:30 - Feed the Beast on AMC
25:16 - Music Recommendation
25:36 - Automatic
28:02 - Zenni Optical
30:20 - Why You Should Be Authentic on Youtube & Podcasts
39:04 - Outro

On this episode of BSP, I cover a LOT of topics ranging from the awesome advice you guys gave last week, to advice about being genuine on your youtube channel or podcast. There are also brief discussions of a BUNCH of youtube news, a new NASA app, and even a new BitTorrent app for iOS, Android, and Apple TV.

For what I have been testing, I briefly discuss what Automatic is and how I like, and then I talk about Zenni Optical, which is a super cheap glasses company that you can order online!

As stated, the main topic is why you should be genuine on youtube or your podcast. Since day one on YouTube, I have seen people copying formats and personalities of those who have been successful and then questioning why they in turn are not also successful. Hopefully you can get some information from this.