BSP-128: Google Fined $5 Billion, Apple Keyboard Gate / Throttle Gate, & More

On episode 128 of the BSP, I think you for 70,000 subscribers, and apologize for the issues with last weeks episode. In the news, I cover Google being fined $5 billion for breaking EU anti trust laws, FouseyTube’s concert, Family of Five getting banned from YouTube, Apple keyboard failure and Apple’s response, Apple storing iCloud data on Chinese state owned servers, Core i9 Macbook Pros being throttled, and Amazon Prime Day being an absolute disaster. 

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00:00 - Intro
00:40 - Thanks for 70k Subs
01:26 - Sorry for Episode 127 Video Issues
02:30 - Google Fined $5 Billion for Breaking Anti Trust Laws
08:30 - FouseyTube Concert
09:59 - Family of Five / Daddy of Five Banned
10:56 - Apple Keyboard Gate
13:55 - Apple Storing iCloud Data on Chinese State Run Servers
15:48 - Core i9 Macbook Pro Throttle Gate
* Dave 2D:
* Jonathan Morrison:
18:34 - Amazon Prime Day Disaster
21:35 - WYHTS: Buying a PC for 1/4 the Price of a Mac
23:12 - WYHTS: Thoughts on the Blue Yeti?
24:32 - WYHTS: Smart Phones Tracking You
25:33 - WYHTS: Democratization of the Internet is OVER
27:07 - WYHTS: Paying Money to Avoid Windows 10
27:50 - Ask Bandrew
28:20 - Email 1
29:04 - Will you be on the Sunshine Summit 2018?
29::45 - Email 2
30:16 - Do you present your podcast as though it was live, or record segments?
30:57 - How long do you spend on the podcast?
31:58 - Why do I start the podcast recording multiple times?
35:13 - Email 3
35:58 - What is your new desk?
37:03 - What’s your favorite X-Files episode?
39:25 - Outro

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