BSP-127: Tags on YouTube Don't Matter, YouTube Copyright Takedowns, Macbook Pros, and more

On episode 127 of the BSP, I talk about how tags on youtube impact your search and discover, new copyright identification and take down tools, youtube funding news organizations, youtube incognito mode coming to android, New Macbook Pros & Apple eGPU, the FBI arresting a former Apple Engineer, Apple passcode still able to be brute forced, and License plate tracking at malls.


00:00 - Intro
00:36 - Tags on YouTube No Longer Matter for Search & Discovery
04:45 - New Copyright Takedown Tools
09:17 - YouTube Funding News Organizations
14:30 - YouTube Incognito Mode Coming to Android
15:30 - New Macbook Pros & eGPU
20:27 - FBI Arrests Ex Apple Engineer
23:51 - Apple Fixes Password Cracking Tool & It’s Bypassed Immediately
24:43 - License Plate Tracking at the Mall
26:15 - Commenter Calling me Out & Keeping me Honest
28:18 - Chicago Transit, Disney Land, & Disney World using Facial Recognition
29:10 - Ask Bandrew
29:40 - Email 1
30:11 - What do you do with all the mics?
30:38 - Do you consider selling your microphones?
32:04 - Do you have a closet full of microphones?
33:18 - How much have you spent on microphones?
32:45 - Email 2
33:25 - How should I process my audio in OBS?
36:08 - Email 3
36:23 - If you got the RE20 first, would you like it more than the SM7b?

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BSP-121: Vermont Fights Data Brokers, Podcastage Updates & More

On episode 121 of the BSP, I talk about my new series called Creator Case Study, the plans I have for the Podcastage youtube channel, Vermont regulating data brokers, iOS 11.4 going live and what the features are, What to expect from WWDC ’18, as well as answering your questions.

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00:00 - Intro
00:45 - Thoughts on Creator Case Study Series
02:51 - Changes to Podcastage Programming
05:53 - Why are you drinking Starbucks?
06:49 - Vermont Regulating Data Brokers
12:15 - iOS 11.4 is live
13:58 - What to expect at WWDC ‘18
19:58 - What You Had to Ask Bandrew?
20:44 - Amazon Bugging Your Home or You Bugging Your Own Home?
21:42 - Would you recommend a shotgun mic for voice over?
24:08 - Should I buy a yeti or procaster for my new podcast?
27:18 - Outro

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BSP-101: What Can We Learn From Logan Paul’s Mistake

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Contact Information:
Phone Number: 1-800-273-8255

On episode 101 of The Bandrew Says Podcast, I provide updates to the Apple Battery issue, Twitter’s response to requests to Ban Trump, Apple developing a new series, What we can learn from Logan Paul’s video about locating a dead body, Apps recording what you’re watching, Meltdown & Spectre, and X-files Season 11 Season Premier.

In the ask bandrew segment, I answer questions about dabbing, minecraft, why I don’t game, AT2020 & UMC204HD, my old band, stickers vs. magnets, Favorite  X-files episode, Who I’d make a duet with, who I’d musically train with, and my favorite ice cream.

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00:00 - Intro
00:57 - Still Not Using TLM102
01:25 - Update to Apple Battery Issues
02:30 - Trump Getting Banned on Twitter?
07:15 - Apple Picks Up True Crime Series
08:43 - What Can We Learn From Logan Paul’s Mistake
23:35 - Apps Recording What You’re Watching
26:18 - Our Computers Are All DOOMED!!!!! (Meltdown & Spectre)
30:40 - My Thoughts on X-Files Season 11 Premier
33:10 - Ask Bandrew
33:28 - Email 1
34:00 - Did you do the dab?
34:48 - Will you watch my podcast?
35:04 - Do you play minecraft?
35:53 - When’s your next Why I Don’t Game?
37:12 - AT2020 into UMC204HD
38:03 - Email 2
38:49 - What Did Your Old Band Sound Like?
40:05 - Did You Reach The Sound You Wanted?
42:03 - Email 3
42:15 - Thoughts on Logo Magnets vs Stickers?
44:04 - Email 3
46:08 - What’s the One Episode of X-Files You Would Watch?
48:34  - Who do you want to do a Duet With? (HALEY REINHART)
49:10 - Who would you want to musically train with?
50:58 - Have you found covers of your songs?
51:15 - What’s your least favorite ice cream flavor?
52:18 - Outro

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BSP-082: Rent Movies in Theaters from Home

On episode 82 of the BSP I talk about Vudu coming to Apple TV, Apple investing $1 billion in original content over the next year, the ability to rent movies that are in theaters from home, youtube live viewer counters, and a new Snapchat feature. I also talk about a couple films I've watched over the last week, and answer some questions regarding why I don't have a cohost, why I haven't been doing live Q&A videos, and what I'd name my cat if I got one.

00:00 - Intro
00:50 - Dad Bod Bandrew
01:35 - Vudu Coming to Apple TV
05:27 - Apple Investing $1 Billion in Original Content
09:10 - Rent Movies in Theaters at Home!
12:23 - YouTube Live Viewer Counter
14:16 - Snapchat Stitching Footage Together for Single Stream
17:40 - Movies of the Week
20:07 - Ask Bandrew
20:30 - Would you want a cohost?
25:20 - Did I miss your live Q&A?
26:57 - What would you name your cat?
28:05 - Outro

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BSP-048: Welcome to the Clutter Cave

On episode 48 of the BSP, I talk about my favorite piece of news in the last decade; scientists have discovered a new vaccine to stop the spread of Ebola!!! 

Before that, I start with discussing the mic I’m recording this weeks podcast with & my run in with minimalism. As far as computer news, I talk about Apple giving up on Mac OS X and Raspberry Pi rolling out their OS to PC & Mac computers!

In security news, there has been  push by The House to legislate the use of the Sting Ray device, which tracks devices using geo-location. Following that I briefly talk about Facebbok’s report regarding government data requests.

Finishing up the podcast, I recommend a travel show starring Karl Pilkington and an album by Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas, and lastly I talk about my thoughts and first impressions on my new iPhone 7+.

00:00 - Intro
02:57 - It’s Christmas
03:14 - Recording with Rode NT1
04:04 - Minimalism & The Clutter Cave
09:30 - Apple is Giving Up on Mac OS X
13:31 - Raspberry Pi’s OS Now On PC & Mac
16:25 - Legislation on Sting Ray Geolocation Device
18:30 - Government’s Facebook User Data Requests Up 27% (
22:19 - The Moaning Of Life
23:08 - Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas - Mariner
23:42 - Initial Impressions of the iPhone 7+

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BSP-035: Apple’s (Event) & Orange’s (Amps)

00:00 - Intro
00:55 - I’m an Idiot
01:37 - Guitar Gear! New Amp & Research!
07:45 - What I’ve Been Testing - Shure MVi
10:05 - Mario on iOS
11:48 - iWork Real Time Collaboration
12:35 - Apple Watch
16:12 - iPhone 7 Announcement
27:25 - Outro

On episode 35 of the BSP, I talk a lot longer than expected on guitar amps, and my history with guitar amps. I then talk about the amps I am going to be getting and the reasoning behind it as well as dream guitar amps.

Then I cover the apple event ranging from Mario on iOS, to real time collaboration, the apple watch, and lastly the iPhone 7…and of course that discussion includes the removal of the headphone jack!

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BSP-033: How To Overcome Personal Failures & Haters

00:00 - Intro
01:12 - Unbox Therapy Giveaway (Leave Lewis Alone)
05:56 - Amazon Echo Competitor
07:08 - Pokemon Go Users
08:29 - Gawker is Dead
11:03 - YouTube Social Network?
14:34 - Canon 5D Mark IV
15:50 - Apple iPhone is Completely Screen!
19:25 - Halt & Catch Fire
21:05 - Deadspace
22:07 - How Deal with Haters & Personal Failures
34:13 - Outro

On today's episode of the BSP, I go on a few length rants. First on the list revolves around Lewis from Unbox Therapy and peoples expectation and belief that he owes free phones to people. 

I then cover a lot of news from a new Amazon Echo competitor, Pokemon Go's user base, Gawker going bankrupt, a New YouTube Social Network, a New Canon 4k DSLR, and a Phone that is Completely Screen.

I briefly talk about Halt & Catch Fire and then Deadspace. For the main topic, I go in depth on how I deal with and overcome haters I encounter, people who doubt my goals, and finally personal failures in life.

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BSP-025: Being Authentic on Youtube & Podcasts

00:00 - Intro
01:27 - How You Helped Me last Week!
03:17 - Apple Dictation Tool
05:01 - Brexit
06:05 - New Amazon Kindle
06:55 - New Nasa App
08:02 - YouTube New
12:17 - Bit Torrent App
13:50 - Show & Tell X-Files
16:11 - Every Day Carry Stuff
20:23 - UFOs & Freaking Aliens
23:30 - Feed the Beast on AMC
25:16 - Music Recommendation
25:36 - Automatic
28:02 - Zenni Optical
30:20 - Why You Should Be Authentic on Youtube & Podcasts
39:04 - Outro

On this episode of BSP, I cover a LOT of topics ranging from the awesome advice you guys gave last week, to advice about being genuine on your youtube channel or podcast. There are also brief discussions of a BUNCH of youtube news, a new NASA app, and even a new BitTorrent app for iOS, Android, and Apple TV.

For what I have been testing, I briefly discuss what Automatic is and how I like, and then I talk about Zenni Optical, which is a super cheap glasses company that you can order online!

As stated, the main topic is why you should be genuine on youtube or your podcast. Since day one on YouTube, I have seen people copying formats and personalities of those who have been successful and then questioning why they in turn are not also successful. Hopefully you can get some information from this.