BSP-099: Apple Is Slowing Down Your iPhone!

On episode 99 of The Bandrew Says Podcast, I talk about Apple throttling your old phone, Google Chrome’s built in ad blocker, Twitter beginning to enforce hate speech and violence, Facebook allowing you to check if you liked a Russian troll post, Apple requiring games to disclose loot box odds, Amazon starting a YouTube competitor, YouTube signing an agreement with UMG & Sony, Twitch launching a reality show, and new 2-factor authentication options for Twitter.

I then provide an update to the SRH940 headphones, and answer questions about re-recording old reviews, watching Top Gear, News consumption, and what mic would be best for recording bright instruments.

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00:00 - Intro
00:39 - Happy Christmas
01:04 - Shorter Episode?
01:33 - I’m a Hypocrite!
02:02 - Guested on Two Podcasts
Podcasters’ Survival Guide (
Podcast Engineering School (
03:37 - Apple Throttles Your Old iPhone
07:14 - Google Chrome Adblock Coming
09:22 - Twitter Beginning Enforce Against Hate Speech
12:50 - Check to See If You Liked a Russian Troll Post (
13:19 - Apple Requiring Games with Loot Boxes to Disclose Odds
15:25 - Amazon Starting a YouTube Competitor?
17:17 - YouTube Signs Agreement with UMG & Sony
19:52 - Twitch Launching a Reality Show
22:05 - New 2FA Options for Twitter
22:57 - Star Wars The Last Jedi (No Spoilers)
23:47 - Shure SRH940 Update
25:22 - Ask Bandrew
25:55 - Email 1
26:00 - Have You Ever Wanted to Re-record an Old Review? (
28:47 - Email 2
29:19 - Have You Ever Watched Grand Tour / Top Gear?
30:25 - What’s Your Favorite Type of News?
31:37 - Email 3
32:57 - What Mic Would You Pick for a Bright Instrument? 
34:45 - Outro 

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