BSP-121: Vermont Fights Data Brokers, Podcastage Updates & More

On episode 121 of the BSP, I talk about my new series called Creator Case Study, the plans I have for the Podcastage youtube channel, Vermont regulating data brokers, iOS 11.4 going live and what the features are, What to expect from WWDC ’18, as well as answering your questions.

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00:00 - Intro
00:45 - Thoughts on Creator Case Study Series
02:51 - Changes to Podcastage Programming
05:53 - Why are you drinking Starbucks?
06:49 - Vermont Regulating Data Brokers
12:15 - iOS 11.4 is live
13:58 - What to expect at WWDC ‘18
19:58 - What You Had to Ask Bandrew?
20:44 - Amazon Bugging Your Home or You Bugging Your Own Home?
21:42 - Would you recommend a shotgun mic for voice over?
24:08 - Should I buy a yeti or procaster for my new podcast?
27:18 - Outro

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