BSP-034: YouTube Will De-Monetize This Podcast

00:00 - Intro
01:00 - New Microphone?
02:15 - YouTube DeMonetizing Videos
09:24 - Apple Event
10:21 - HI-SEAS Mission Completed! (
12:05 - SETI Signal! ALIENS!
13:30 - SpaceEx Falcon 9 Explosion
15:52 - MacBook Pro Dynamic OLED Strip
17:45 - Phillips Hue Motion Sensors
18:37 - New Tile Slim
19:25 - Show & Tell (Binaural Mic Rig)
23:00 - Stranger Things Season 2
23:57 - Bill Nye Saves The World
24:53 - Red Dwarf Season 11
25:30 - Music of the Week
26:14 - What I’ve Been Testing
27:23 - You Don’t Have the Time to Achieve Your Dreams
33:53 - Outro

On episode 34 of The Bandrew Says Podcast, I talk very briefly about the new microphone that I am using for this episode. Following this, I go into a lengthy rant about youtube demonetizing peoples videos, and also how wrong people are about youtube infringing on their freedom of speech & being censored. 

Then we go into the news portion which covers the apple event, HI-SEAS Mission IV Completion, SETI & Aliens, The SpaceEx Falcon 9 Explosion & Potential Conspiracy Theory, a potential MacBook Update, New Phillips Hue products and a New Tile.

For show and tell, I walk you through a proof of concept for a binaural mic rig that I made today in order to provide demonstrations of headphones. I also talk about the reasoning behind this, and the inspiration for it. Following this nerdy portion, we talk about three pieces of show news and a transition from spotify to apple music.

Lastly, I talk about what I've been testing and why you say you don't have time to work towards achieving your dreams, but in all honesty, probably do! GET TO WORK!

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