Of Spider-Man Far From Home

The final entry in our Spidey Film series and we go Far From Home to look at the newest Spider-Man movie. We breakdown and discuss Spider-Man Far From Home, look inside the domed villain known as Mysterio and give our power rankings to all the Spider films from all the franchises.

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.

Director: Jon Watts

Writers: Chris McKenna, Stan Lee (based on the Marvel comic book by) | 2 more credits »

Stars: Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal |See full cast & crew »

BOX OFFICE Released July 2nd 2019

Budget: $160 million

Opening Weekend: $185 million ($580 including foreign)

Opened #1 run time N/A

Cumulative: $N/A at time of recording

  • #2 Toy Story 4

  • #3 Yesterday

  • #4 Annabelle Comes Home

  • #5 Aladin

  • Midsommar


  • Jake Gyllenhal almost replaced Tobey McGuire as Spider-Man in Spider-Man 2

  • The Indian version has all cuss words muted and liquor blurred

  • Peter's suitcase has the letters "BFP" on it. This refers to Benjamin Franklin Parker, Peter Parker's Uncle Ben whose death motivated him to become Spider-Man.

  • Tom Holland wanted Jason Momoa as Kraven the Hunter in the movie.

    • Who could play Kraven?

  • In the film, Spider-Man mentions Captain Marvel, which marks the first time a MCU character referred to Carol Danvers by that name.

  • According to storyboard artist Jeffrey Henderson, Mysterio was supposed to be one of the villains in Sam Raimi's canceled Spider-Man 4. He was to be played by cult icon Bruce Campbell, a childhood friend and longtime collaborator of Raimi's, who had made cameos in all three Spider-Man films.

  • Peter's passport lists August 10th as his birthday. Spider-Man's first appearance was in Amazing Fantasy #15, released August 10th, 1962, in real life Tom Holland's birthday is June 1st.

  • This's the first Marvel-Avengers crossover movie without a cameo by Stan Lee, co-creator of the MCU.

  • It was reported that Matt Damon turned down the villain role.

  • While Hydro-Man is not technically in the film, Flash Thompson is researching the aquatic terror and brings up an article regarding science experiments done on a sailor named Morris Bench, who is Hydro-Man in the comics.

  • When the Elementals appear, there are various signs that refer to Spider-Man's comic history:

  • a boat sign reads "ASM212" during the water Elemental attack. The water villain Hydro-Man (Morris Bench) made his debut in "Amazing Spider-Man #212" (January 1981).

  • a car bears a license plate reading "463" during the earth Elemental attack. The earth villain Sandman (Flint Marko) made his debut in "Amazing Spider-Man #4", September 1963.

  • a car bears a license plate reading "2865 SEP" during the fire Elemental attack. The fire villain Molten Man (Mark Raxton) made his debut in "Amazing Spider-Man #28", September 1965.


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