BSP-175- Politicians Wants to Prosecute for Jokes, Thoughts on Demonetization, & More

On episode 175 of the BSP, I analyze Frederica Wilson’s recent statement that she wants to prosecute people for making jokes about politicians on the internet, and briefly mention the upcoming Apple Keyboard updates. I then address questions regarding RE320, RE20, and RE27ND foam deterioration, and my thoughts on youtube demonetizing entire genre’s of content.

#FredericaWilson #ProsecutedForJokes #YouTubeDemonetization

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00:00 - Intro
01:00 - Politician Wants to Prosecute People Who Make Jokes Online!!!

05:47 - Apple Subtly Admits Their Keyboard Design Sucks
06:54 - New Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen

09:49 - WYHTS: Will You Critique Your Listeners Podcast Audio?
11:03 - WYHTS: Buying Mics to Review is Unusual
12:05 - WYHTS: Avoiding YouTube Recommendations
13:36 - WYHTS: YouTube Radicalization & Conspiracy of Outrage
16:55 - Ask Bandrew
17:28 - Email 1
17:58 - Can You Stop the RE320, RE20, RE27N/D Foam from Deteriorating
18:52 - Is it the Same Foam in the RE320, RE20, and RE27N/D
19:36 - Did You Have Issues with EV’s Pop Filters?
20:26 - Has The SM7b Foam Deteriorated & Will You Have to Replace It?
21:26 - Email 2
21:41 - What Boom Arm & Pop Filter Did You Use with the BCM705

22:51 - Email 3
23:02 - Any Alternatives to Auphonic?

24:46 - Email 4

25:44 - Thoughts on YouTube Demonetizing Categories of Content?
30:11 - Movie of the Week: I Saw The Devil
32:17 - Outro