BSP-177: The Face App is Stealing Your Data (So is Every App), Apple Podcasts+, & More

On episode 177 of the BSP, I analyze the recent controversy surrounding the Face App that was used to age yourself or genderswap yourself, and some of the privacy and security implications of using this app, and I cover Apple announcing they will be producing premium podcasts and how this will/will not affect you as an independent content creator.

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00:00 - Intro
00:53 - The Face App is Stealing All Your Data
10:18 - Apple Producing Premium Podcasts

15:06 - WYHTS: Will You Critique Non-English Podcasts?
17:09 - WYHTS: What Extension Arm Do You Use with the SM7b?

18:30 WYHTS: Will I Ever Live Stream The Podcast?
20:37 - Ask Bandrew
21:05 - Email 1
21:28 - BM700 vs BM800 vs FiFine K670?
23:16 - Email 2
24:23 - What Software Does Multitrack Video Recording?

27:13 - Email 3
27:52 - Will Local Podcasts Ever Work?
30:30 - Voice Submission
32:00 - Thoughts on Childs Play & Chucky Splitting Off!?
34:07 - Movies of the Week

37:53 - Send in Your Podcast
38:19 - Outro