BSP-173: YouTube Automatically Hiding Comments, Replacing Existing Videos, & More

On episode 173 of the BSP, I analyze youtube’s test of hiding comments automatically, as well as youtube remastering 1000 old music videos by replacing the original source file with an updated version. I also talk about why podcast channels are hard to grow on youtube, my favorite x-files season, and movies of the week.

#YouTubeHidingComments #HowToGrowAPodcast #MoviesOfTheWeek

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00:00 - Intro
01:02 - YouTube Automatically Hiding Comments

04:15 - YouTube Replacing Old Videos with HD Versions

06:42 - WYHTS: Why Doesn’t Your Podcast Channel Have More Subs?
09:21 - WYHTS: Last Weeks Audio was Good & Bad
10:40 - WYHTS: You Can’t Talk About Stuff Without Geing Demonetized
13:00 - WYHTS: I Was Wrong! #SubscriptionsMatter
13:25 - Ask Bandrew
14:04 - Email 1
14:39 - Why is my Audio Echoing?
16:38 - How Do You Do a Video Podcast?
19:43 - Email 2
19:59 - Can You Make a Video about Podcast Audio Processing?

21:13 - Video Submission
22:30 - What’s the Best Question to Get to Know Someone?
23:34 - What Would You Ask to Get to Know Someone?
24:46 - What’s Your Favorite Season of The X-files?
27:30 - Movies of the Week!
31:25 - Outro