BSP-172: YouTube Updates Notification System, New Member's Only Feature & More

On episode 172 of the BSP, I analyze how YouTube has updated and altered the notification system, the limitation of notifications, the new notification options, and when you should publish your videos, as well as a new video visibility feature for YouTube Members. I also discuss horror films I”ve been watching, if and how you should approach EQ-ing your podcast, my thoughts on Anchor, and some of my recent favorite albums. 

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Antelope Audio Edge Go -
Sony MDR7506 -

00:00 - Intro
01:01 - YouTube Changes Notification System
02:18 - When Should You Publish Your Video 
05:09 - Changes to How People Sign up for Notifications
07:34 - How Many People have Notifications on For Your Channel?

09:56 - YouTube Adds Members Only Video Option 

12:02 - I’m Not Talking about POLITICS!

12:42 - New Video Games Announced That I’m Excited For

14:52 - Recent Horror Films I’ve Watched 
18:42 - Ask Bandrew
19:19 - Email 1
20:00 - Should I Buy a New Mic or a New Mixer?
21:24 - Should I EQ My Podcast? Is it Necessary? What’s the Goal?
22:50 - Email 2
23:14 - What Are Your Thoughts on Anchor?
25:49 - Voice Submission

26:34 - My Favorite Albums From The Last Few Years

  • Phoebe Bridgers - Strangers in the Alps

  • Muse - Simulation Theory

  • Daughters - You Won’t Always Get What You Want

  • Oathbreaker - Rheia

  • Entombed - To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth

  • The Locust - Plague Soundscapes

31:57 - The Mic Model I Used Today
32:20 - Outro