BSP-169: YouTube Live Subscribe Count Going Away, Be Careful with Contracts, & Does Bigfoot Exist?

On episode 169 of the BSP I analyze YouTube changing how they display Live Subscriber count, and how it will affect you as a creator as well as why you shouldn’t freak out. I also include a remind on how you should approach contracts. I also respond to a bunch of questions including “IS BIGFOOT REAL!?"

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Gear Used This Episode: 
Neumann KMS105 -
Universal Audio Arrow -
Stedman PS101 -
Sony MDR7506 -

00:00 - Intro
01:02 - YouTube Changing Subscriber Display

10:28 - TFUE vs Faze Clan = Advice
12:56 - WYHTS: Ever talked about your guitars?
13:18 - WYHTS: YouTube Doesn’t Care About Creators!
17:44 - WYHTS: I watch one video. Am I hurting creators!?
20:30 - Ask Bandrew
21:20 - Email 1
21:48 - How to Determine LUFS? How to Master to a LUFS Level?

25:20 - Audio Question
28:02 - Is Bigfoot Real!?
32:32 - Outro
33:49 - Discussion of All Guitar Gear