BSP-130: Logitech Acquires Blue Microphones, TSA Tracking US Citizens, and More

On episode 130 of the BSP, I talk about launching a new youtube channel and the reasoning behind it, I talk at length about Logitech Acquiring Blue and what that means for Blue. I also cover YouTube launching international youtube premium shows, Apple killing a portion of their affiliate program, TSA Tracking U.S. Citizens, Rode announcing a new dual lav recording kit, and Sennheiser announcing a bluetooth microphone.

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00:00 - Intro
00:40 - Launched a New YouTube Channel
01:48 - Logitech Acquires Blue Microphones
07:54 - YouTube Launches International YouTube Red Show
08:47 - Apple Kills a Portion of Their Affiliate Program
11:27 - TSA Tracking U.S. Citizen
13:34 - Rode SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit
15:59 - Sennheiser Memory Mic
17:27 - WYHTS
17:45 - Why we should be okay with YouTube Experiments
18:45 - YouTube selectively enforcing policies
19:59 - You shouldn’t be mad about being demonetization
22:25 - PewDiePie is popularizing the analysis of Art
23:25 - I am not becoming less annoying
23:49 - Ask Bandrew
24:03 - Email 1
24:33 - Do you check out fans' creations?
24:57 - Do you participate in fans’ projects?
26:09 - Email 2
26:52 - How do I remove background noise from my recording?
29:21 - Outro

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