BSP-140: How to Promote Your Podcast, How Much Hosting Do You Need for Your Podcast, & More

On episode 140 of the BSP, we cover Spotify for Podcasters Beta and what it means for podcasters, YouTube using your Google search history to target ads at you, Twitter expanding fake account & spam rules, Chinese Spy Chips infiltrating Apple / Amazon / US Gov’t and a LOT more 

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00:00 - Intro
00:48 - What Sites Can Be Used to Promote Your Podcast?
04:08 - How Much Hosting Space Do I Need For My Podcast?
07:25 - Can I Use the Blue Yeti for Screaming Vocals?
09:30 - Why Is My Audio Quiet & Boomy in Audacity?
10:53 - What Preamp/Interface Would Be Best For a Ribbon Mic?
13:31 - How Do I Balance Windows 10 Input Volume & My Interface Gain?
15:20 - Can You Make a Video About Microphone Upgrade Paths?
15:55 - What’s a Good Audio Setup For The iPad or iPhone?
17:17 - Can I Use a Cloudlifter With a Wireless Mic Rig?
19:23 - Outro