BSP-102: This Is Not a Drill!

On episode 102 I talk about the charges surrounding the swatting death, go pro quitting drones and going up for sale, table top tablet screens, new audio gear announced at CES, Youtube’s response to the Logan Paul situation, WhatsApp having issues with security, and the Hawaii missile alert.

In the ask bandrew segment, I discuss the most valuable item I’ve lost or had stolen, my thoughts on coffee, the instruments I play, my desire to play music full time, how long it takes to produce a mic review or podcast, what microphone company has the most consistent audio quality, and how much free time I have per week.

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00:00 - Intro
00:38 - Guest on Kraig Adams Podcast (
01:54 - Charges for Swatting Death
03:02 - Go Pro Quitting Drones & Selling Company!?
06:00 - Lenovo & Google Launching Echo Show Competitor
08:00 - New Focusrite Clarett USB
09:20 - Sennheiser HD820 Headphones
11:13 - Sennheiser GSP 600 Gaming Headset
12:53 - $100 USB-C Cable from Shure
15:07 - Youtube’s Response to Logan Paul
17:22 - YouTube is Making More Promises
18:40 - WhatsApp has been Infiltrated!
21:33 - The Incorrect Hawaii Missle Alert! This is Not a Drill!
25:56 - New TV Show Announced from Apple
26:45 - Ask Bandrew
27:09 - Email 1
28:45 - Most valuable item stolen or lost?
30:03 - Thoughts on coffee / caffeinated project
31:21 - Instruments you play?
32:00 - Did you think you’d play music full time?
32:21 - What software do you use to edit
32:24 - How long does it take to produce a video?
36:31 - What mic company do you think has the most consistent audio quality?
37:05 - How much free time do you have per week?

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