BSP-087: Earn Money from New YouTube Sponsor Feature

On episode 87 of the BSP, I talk about T-mobile’s new threshold before they throttle your speed, iTunes extending their movie rental period, a new dongle that allows you to charge your iPhone while listening to headphones, YouTube’s new Sponsor Function, Nintendo Rolling out 2 factor authentication, ISP’s getting a free pass in California, Updates to Equifax, CCleaner being Hacked, and a Stingray ruling!

I then share my thoughts on the new Kumail Nanjian / Emily V. Gordan Film, the Big Sick, talk about Rogue Amoeba Audio Hijack, and my new Guitar Amp, the Marshall DSL15h.

In the Ask Bandrew segment I answer a few questions from you guys: can you use the Mod Mic 5 with the DBX286s, Does Phantom Power damage Dynamic Mics, and How do you record music while also talking in a podcast?

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00:00 - Intro
01:03 - New Podcast Website!!!
02:10 - T-mobile Data Throttling
03:14 - iTunes Movie Rentals Last 48 Hours Now
04:40 - Listen to 3.5mm Headphone’s While Charging Your iPhone!!!
06:30 - YouTube Launched Sponsor Function
08:53 - Nintendo Adding 2 Factor Authentication
10:35 - California ISP’s Can Continue To Sell Your Info
14:13 - Equifax Updates
19:07 - CCleaner Used to Distribute Malicious Code
22:55 - Stingray Ruled Violation of 4th Ammendment
24:37 - The Big Sick
26:00 - Rogue Amoeba Audio Hijack
27:06 - Marshall DSL15H
28:47 - Ask Bandrew
29:20 - Using Mod Mic 5 with DBX286s?
32:03 - Does Phantom Power Damage Dynamic Mics?
35:24 - How do you Record Music During your Podcast
37:45 - Outro 

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