BSP-086: The Problem with the iPhone X

On episode 86 of the BSP, I talk about steps that Apple is taking to protect their users privacy, a potential new twitter feature that could ruin the service, the devices announced at the September 2017 Apple Event, why I won’t be buying an iPhone X, NES Classic Re-release, a bunch of updates to the equifax data breach, and Baby Driver being an amazing film.

In the Ask Bandrew segment, I talk about the Zoom SGH-6 add on mic for Zoom’s devices, switching from windows to linux to record, windows ignoring their audio bug issue, modding gear, translating my videos to other languages, emulating mics with equalization, and why I was still using the M50x’s. 

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00:00 - Intro
01:17 - New Microphone
02:45 - Apple Protecting Users Privacy!!!
07:03 - New Twitter Feature
08:51 - Apple Event
09:16 - Apple Watch Series 3
11:34 - 4k HDR Apple TV
12:32 - Free 4k Movies from Apple
14:41 - iPhone 8 & 8 plus
15:45 - iPhone X, Why I Won’t Buy One, and Why I’m Scared for Future iPhones
18:32 - NES & SNES Classic
18:53 - Proof Equifax Was Negligent with Security
20:31 - Change in Equifax Management
21:39 - Equifax Received a Strongly Worded Letter from Congress
22:16 - New Director for Star Wars Episode IX
22:36 - Baby Driver
23:21 - I Just Saw Jaws!?
23:48 - Audio Technica M40x
24:35 - Ask Bandrew
24:48 - Should I Use the Stock Zoom H5 Mic, or the SGH-6 Shotgun Mic?
27:35 - Switching from Windows to Linux for Recording?
28:15 - Windows Ignoring the Audio Driver Bug?
29:31 - Thoughts on Modding Gear?
29:55 - Can I Translate Your Videos?
30:45 - Can You Emulate Other Mics with an EQ
32:45 - Why Are You Still Using the M50x’s?
33:13 - Outro

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