BSP-081: YouTube Expanding Ability to Appeal Demonetized Videos

On episode 81 of the BSP I talk about retiring my beanie for an episode, as well as provide an update to Trump blocking twitter users. I then talk about a big win for podcasters regarding patent trolls, netflix losing disney content, and some new devices that were announced this week.

I then talk about some changes that YouTube is making to the creator dashboard to make it easier to understand if your videos are de-monetized, as well as making it easier for you to appeal a demonetized video. 

00:00 - Intro
00:55 - I Look Like a Burnt Out Hipster
01:22 - Update to Trump Blocking Twitter Users (
02:43 - Patent Trolls LOSE Against Podcasters
04:30 - Netflix May Be Losing Disney Content
06:20 - New Tile Devices
07:23 - Anker Echo Dot Competitor
08:33 - YouTube Expanding Your Ability to Appeal Demonetized Videos
11:32 - UK Making The Internet more Private for It’s Citizens
14:32 - Disney Has Been Spying on Your Kids!
16:15 - GLOW Renewed for Second Season
16:42 - Ask Bandrew
17:00 - What’s Your Audio Setup?
17:50 - How To Care for Mics?
20:20 - 11 Steps to Start a Podcast
26:17 - Outro

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