BSP-066: Get Earnings From Your Freebooted Videos

00:00 - Intro
00:57 - Guest Spot on Another Podcast
01:44 - Launching a Let’s Play Video on Podcastage
03:33 - Earn Ad Revenue From Your Freebooted Videos on Facebook
06:54 - Multicam Live Stream for $1000!!!
09:57 - Twitter Live Streaming 24/7
12:23 - Selling Your E-mail Information
15:11 - New Amazon Echo
17:30 - Twitter Still Fighting for our Privacy
20:46 - Cannibal Holocaust
23:33 - Third Installment of M. Night’s Unbreakable Series
25:17 - Ask bandrew
27:17 - Outro

On episode 66 of the BSP, I talk about guesting on another podcast and tease when you can expect that, and also talk about the motivation behind launching other content on the podcastage youtube channel.

In news, I cover facebook rolling out tools that allow you to earn ad revenue on your freebooted videos, getting a multicam live streaming rig for $1000, and twitter wanting to focus more on live content.

In security news, I talk about selling your e-mail information, the new amazon echo, and twitter fighting to keep governments away from all your information.

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