BSP-061: I'm So Disappointed in Myself

00:00 - Intro
01:10 - I’m a Fat Adam Sandler, I Know!
01:30 - I Hate Myself, Here’s Why
03:09 - Amazon Collecting Sales Tax
04:57 - Watch iTunes Rentals Across Apple Devices
05:57 - Twitter Expanding Live Streaming Capabilities
08:43 - Livestream to Facebook From Your Browser
11:02 - AT&T and Verizon Pulling Ads from Google13:06 - iPad Air 2 Cancelled
13:56 - Seasons for Diablo III Coming to Consoles
14:29 - Instagram 2 Factor Authentication
15:17 - ISP’s Selling Off Your Browsing Information
17:52 - Dave Chapelle Standups
18:11 - Area 51
19:06 - Ask Bandrew
28:51 - Outro

On episode 60 of the BSP, I explain a recent event that lead me to embrace the disgust and disappointment I feel for myself.

In news, I cover Amazon charging sales tax, iTunes allowing you to view rentals across devices, Twitter expanding it’s live streaming capabilities, live streaming to Facebook directly from your browser, companies pulling their ads from google, apple cancelling the iPad Air 2, Seasons for Diablo III coming to consoles, instagram rolling out 2-factor authentication, and your ISP selling off your browsing data.

In TV/Movies of the week, I suggest Dave Chappelle’s new stand up specials as well as the found footage sci-fi/horror film Area 51. In the ASK BANDREW section of the podcast I cover the proper way to connect USB microphones, my thoughts on gaming and gaming youtubers, the necessity for USB Audio Interfaces, and overcoming depression.

If you have any life questions, tech questions, or stories you want answered, send your email to and I will answer your questions on a future episode.