BSP-057: Oh my gosh! 25,000 Subscribers

00:00 - Intro
01:10 - What I didn’t like about last weeks episode
02:41 - 25,000 Subscribers on YouTube
05:51 - Read your privacy policies
07:18 - Using Google Chrome Incognito Mode
08:30 - Amazon lowers Free Shipping Limit
10:00 - Apple using Facial Recognition
12:10 - WhatsApp Ripping off SnapChat
14:05 - US Border Password Requirement Legislation
18:57 - Bills Proposed to Limit Cell Surveillance
21:25 - The Lone Gunmen TV Show
24:17  - The X-Files Origins Agent of Chaos
25:37 - Blue Yeti Pro
27:24 - Outro

On episode 57 of the BSP, I first talk about hating last weeks episode of the podcast, explain why I was unhappy with it, and what I’m going to do to improve and avoid situations like this again. I also talk about hitting 25,000 subscribers on youtube and running a microphone giveaway!

Then I talk about remaining anonymous on a browser, amazon lowering their limit for free shipping, apple using facial recognition for phone authorization, and WhatsApp ripping off Snapchat.

I then discuss a few bills that are being proposed in the US right now. The first one covers the requirement for Non-US citizens to hand over social media credential and phone passwords prior to entering the country, and the second set of bills cover cell phone surveillance and tracking.

In non tech news, I recommend the Lone Gunmen TV show, and share some shocking conspiracies from the show that came true, talk about an amazing X-Files book that I couldn’t put down, and share some brief thoughts about the Blue Yeti Pro.

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