Touring the comic of Teenage Switchblade!

Get ready for comics like you do for a gig cause its time to follow the band; Teenage Switchblade (a Fuck off Squad Story) in this edition of Do You Even Comic.


  • Dave Baker -@xDaveBakerx
  • -Action Hospital, Suicide Forest
  • Nicole Goux -@NicoleGoux
  • -Fuck Off Squad, This Is Not A Girl Gang

The Book

Teenage Switchblade follows an electro-punk band at the end of their tour. Making their return home to Los Angeles the goal is simple finish the tour, and don't break up. Time wears on all the band members and life seems make them face plant as everything comes to a head at the in of the tour. There is also some great Deep Space 9 reference for those of you inclined to like Star Trek.

Why this Book?

I know Dave Baker and I original saw this book on Kickstarter, I had yet to read his work but was already interested when the pitch mentioned it follows the lives of kids in a band on tour. 

I was once a bass player in bands and before that I loved the idea of being in a band, in fact I owned the Blink 182 tour documentary and have watched it way too many times with my brother growing up. Along with many other music documentaries. Needless to say that always was something that caught my eye was traveling in a car going from show to show just having fun.

Now this book goes into the personal sides of as the small band traveling around meets love and loss. Teenage Switchblade fights to stay together on the last leg of their tour I found myself turning pages of amazing artwork by Nicole Goux. The tonality and paneling achieved in this book inspires me to push for creative layouts in my own work. I really dig this book and its well worth the read as well as supporting some awesome creative people.


Teenage Switchblade

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I (Logan) did and interview with one of the creators, Dave Baker: