RCCCC: Queer Comics Take Over the World

Saturday September 10th, 11:00-11:50 am


 Join LGBTQ comics editors and creators in a discussion about mainstream and indie queer comics and the importance of queer representation.


Taneka Stotts (Beyond), Ari Yarwood (Oni Press Managing Editor), Genue Revuelta (Love & Sprockets), Terry Blas (Briar Hollow), and D.J. Kirkland (Black Mage).


This was one panel I did not want to miss ( and obviously I didn't) but it is important right now with the changes that are happening in the industry for more diversity that I got a chance to hear from some creators who are actively in the industry.

The panel we over a great many problems with the current climate of diversity in media let alone LGBTQ. I was able to get a few tips and messages from this panel that truly speak to what creators are looking for in the industry.

First Taneka Stotts mentions, what not to do when writing, "Don't think having ONE conversation with a trans, gay, black person means you're an expert on their experience." As someone who is a straight white male, I take this message to heart because when it comes to creating I don't want to come off wrong of that I know everything.

In my opinion the most important piece of information I got form these wonderful panelist about the current climate in the industry was Taneka saying, "Pay attention to indie creators who already make queer comics." I don't want these huge companies to just just of boxes of "diversity" to reach some status, instead use the amazing diverse creators already out there.

Last tips about creating stories from LGBTQ creators and editors:

  • make the stories about stuff you like and want to tell and inject it with your uniqueness
  • Some times its about being a BOLD LGBTQ book and others its a BOOK with LGBTQ content

I think its great to hear creators actually speak about their content and remind everyone that stories have diversity its that simple.