Geeks Rising at Rose City Comic Con (Portland) 2016!

That time of the year has come, its another Comic Convention. The Rose City Comic Con is held in Portland OR where staff writer Logan (me) has just relocated and as always I will be doing my best to provide in depth insight on the different panels that are at the convention.

My hope is to see tones of creators and professionals of their crafts discuss and provide information to fans and people like me who are just starting out. More information will be coming as this con is set on September 10-11th.

Until then here are a few guests and people worth mentioning:

  • Stan Lee
  • Aubrey Aiese - LumberJanes
  • Gabriel Ba- Daytripper
  • Brian Michael Bendis- Marvel Comics
  • John Bernthal- The Punisher
  • Chad Coleman- The Wire, The Walking Dead
  • Phil Lamar- Various talents
  • David Yost- The Blue Power Ranger

You better believe I am going to try to meet all these amazing people and more!