Tonor USB Tie-clip Mic (SF-911B) Review / Test

Today I am reviewing Tonor USB Tie-Clip / Desktop Microphone (SF-911B). The idea behind this microphone is awesome! A plug and play lavalier/lapel microphone that connects to any Windows or Mac computer through it's USB port. Unfortunately, only the idea of this mic is good.

If you are interested in this microphone, it will set you back $10 on Amazon

What's In the Box

  1. Microphone w/ 1.5m USB Cable
  2. Desktop Stand
  3. Windscreen
  4. Carrying Pouch
  5. Directions

Performance / Features

The build quality of this microphone is very inconsistent. The microphone capsule is encased in metal which gives it a nice sturdy feel and some nice weight. The USB cable is a standard usb cable so there's nothing special there. On the cable a few inches below the mic is a rectangular box that I am assuming contains the circuitry for the USB interface, which I think is placed in a HORRIBLE location. The mic stand feels cheap, but offers some nice options as far as microphone positioning, and it offers some cable management on the bottom side of the stand.

The frequency response of this mic is listed as 100Hz - 16kHz which is pretty nice for a cheap USB mic. It offers decent sound for the voice, but as you would expect, it lacks a bit of presence/high-end when clipped to your shirt.  

The polar pattern of this microphone is omni directional which is standard for lapel microphones. However, for a USB version of this microphone, they should consider offering a Unidirectional model to help eliminate background noise from the keyboard.

When connected to the computer, there was also a HUGE issue with digital noise. No matter what I set my gain at, I could not escape the digital noise that is reminiscent of morse code. Also, when you touch the metal microphone capsule, it seems to cause a short/grounding issue that increases the buzz even more. This could be avoided by adding the windscreen.


  • Cheap
  • Nice feeling microphone capsule
  • Stand has cable management
  • Plug and play


  • HORRIBLE digital buzz/hiss no matter what the gain is set to
  • Contact with metal microphone capsule increases buzz issue
  • Poor location for circuitry
  • Signal is quiet


DO NOT BUY THIS MICROPHONE! I do not think that anyone should waste their money on this thing. The idea behind it is great, but the execution was horrible. There's a constant buzz that is only amplified if you make the mistake of touching the microphone capsule. The signal is also fairly quiet which means you will most likely have to crank your gain which will also amplify the digital noise. All around, the USB model of this mic is just not a good option for anyone.

If you have any additional questions about this microphone, leave them in the comments on this site or on the youtube channel, and I will try to reply ASAP. 

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