Do You Even Comic: Sweet Tooth


Prepare your heartstrings to be pulled in this month's Do You Even Comic with Jeff Lemire's "Sweet Tooth."

The History

In 2009 Vertigo, a branch of DC Comics, published a book by the Canadian writer/artist, Jeff Lemire. The book was given a logline of "Mad Max meets Bambi." This is of course, Sweet Tooth I am referering too. The book ran for for 40 issues from 2009-2013. 

Lemire only set out with plans for 20-30 issues, but the book became so much more. The story was influenced from other creators such as Garth Ennis (The Punisher: The End) and writer Harlan Ellison ( A boy and his dog). 

The Story

Starting in the fictional post-apocalyptic future of a rural Nebraska, Sweet Tooth is a story that follows Gus and other human/animal hybrid creatures.

Gus, a young boy/deer hybrid, has humble beginnings, taking after his ill father who rambles about religion and prophecy. Gus lives within his small farm like home until his father passes and men come to capture him.

The journey Gus embarks on truly begins when the men come, luring Gus out with candy (aka sweet tooth). Jeppard, a older rugged man comes to rescue Gus from these redneck captors. Jeppard offers to take Gus to "The Sanctuary" but it is not all that it seems. Once there, Jeppard is revealed to be operating for selfish means and dumps poor Gus into the hands of a strange and cruel scientist.

Jeppard does find out what is going to happen and his conscience cannot allow poor Gus or any other hybrid beings to be hurt like this.

From here the story is an escape on the road adventure with tragedy and triumph (it's cliche to say but its true). The book is an adventure with twists and turns that tug at your heart the whole time. I wont spoil anymore but you'l.  see what prophecy and science have in common with this grand story.

Why this book?

Why? Hmm, because I am a lover of all things Jeff Lemire. And, a book he was doing about human/animal hybrids? sign me up! I am always excited to see what Jeff Lemire will bring to each new original story he works on.

This is a man who writes emotional journeys with fantastical situations, It is both entertaining and inspiring.