Do You Even Comic: Locke & Key

Let's unlock our minds and hearts as we dive deep into the house of Lovecraft with this month's Do You Even Comic Locke and Key.

The History

Createdteam Joe Hill with IDW Publishing put released the series Locke & Key back in 2008. You might recognize the name Joe Hill based of his novel Horns whichs was turned into a movie staring Daniel Radciffe or the fact that his father is Stephen King. The art was illustrated but s Gabriel Rodiguez who doesnt have a long list of credits but was awarded the Eisner for his work on this book. I also want to point out Jay Fotos the talented colorist who helps make this book so beatiful.

The Story

Locke & Key is the story of the Locke family and is told in present day with flash backs to several other time periods. Tyler, Kinsey and Bode Locke move back with their mother to the family estate in Lovecraft, Massachusetts after their father is murdered. That event kicks off a mystery that continues to unfold for the entire series. 

Sam Lesser a teen in the juvenile detention speaks to a dark spirit in the water of his cell, while the Locke kids start to discover magical keys in there home. The Locke home becomes a center peice for the story as magically keys are found and the history of their family/ house is realized. The power of the keys is dark and strong while a curse was put on them to make adults forget as they grow older the teens of the Locke family have to stop the power of the keys from coming out and destorying everything.

Basically the pitch for Locke & Key is that teens discover these magical impossible keys in a house and must protect them/ use them to stop the black gate from being opened.

Why this book?

I discovered Locke & Keyn in 2011 during free comic book day. But I remebering reading it and not caring. The issue took place in the middle of action where the Locke kids had to use a key and fight a demon. I didn't know the story and felt lost. I actually thought the story was for a younger audience since everyone was so young in that free issue. So six minths later my brother is reading volume one of Locke & Key and tells me how its well written and very engaging. I gave it another shot and we both became hooked.

The teens and family elements used in the book are touching and you don't want to see your main characters get hurt but the book is dark and sometimes they do. Plus the use of impossible keys like one that opens your brain and allows you to store knowledge ( or take it away) is pretty amazing too.

I highly recommend this beautiful collection of books for anyone who likes adventure/horror/family.

Book: Locke & Key