The Shrieker Podcast 005: Nicholas Hopkins

Nicholas Hopkins talks with us this month about organizing the Albuquerque Area RPG Meetup group. Tabletop gaming, which is a social activity, creates a funny, antisocial community structure of isolated gaming groups. The Meetup group provides a centralized place for gamers from across the city and surrounding areas to find new games and players. This is particularly useful for gamers interested in games besides D&D and Pathfinder, which are usually pretty well supported in the gaming stores, but anyone is welcome to use the Meetup group to organize gaming events of all kinds. The majority of the events on the site are LARP related but that doesn’t necessarily reflect what most of the members are interested in. Nick’s monthly game night’s (UPDATE: now held weekly at Tradesmart) offer a buffet of interesting new game experiences. Hopefully the Meetup will continue to grow in member count and activity level.

This month you can download The Dream Doll, a magic item that allows players to explore a “What If” scenario in which their character achieves their fondest dreams.

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