BSP-040: Oct 2016 Apple Event Expectations

00:00 - Intro
01:05 - Samson Go Mic Connect
02:00 - Mufon Conference
03:29 - Nintendo Switch Console
05:10 - Carrying a Samsung Note 7 is a Federal Crime
08:15 - October 27th Apple Event
15:14 - Razer Acquired THX
16:35 - AT&T Acquiring Time Warner
18:30 - Amazon Echo Dog Gen 2
20:23 - Amazon Fire TV
22:05 - Windows 10 Experience
23:50 - Outro

Have you ever wondered what the 5th attempt at recording a podcast sounds like? Wonder no more. On this episode, I had to record it 5 times and I removed large chunks of what I was originally planning on talking about.

What’s left is a brief discussion of the Nintendo Switch Console, Samsung Note 7 Federal Crime, October 27th Apple Event, Razer’s THX Acquisition, and AT&T Acquiring Time Warner.

As far as what I have been testing, I talk about the 2nd gen Amazon Echo and how it works with the 1st gen echo, the Amazon Fire TV and my issues with streaming boxes, and lastly what I have had to do in order to get my Windows 10 machine running properly.

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