A Brief History of Misty Knight!

Get out of the way men and get ready for a BA lady in this Superhero Sunday with Misty Knight!

The History

Art by Khari Evans

Art by Khari Evans

Originally created by Tony Isabella and Arvell Jones she first appeared in Marvel Premiere #21 (March, 1975).  History then reveals that she was actually an unnamed woman in Marvel Team-Up #64 (1972) and was save from muggers by Spider-Man

Since her creation she has always been attached to interesting titles like; Deadly Fists of Kung-Fu, Power Man and Iron Fist, Daughters of the Dragon and prominently in Heroes for Hire. 

She has remained in times since her creation and now in Marvel's MCU Luke Cage show.

The Character

Misty is a former highly skilled and highly decelerated, NYPD detective, who was injured in the line of duty and lost her arm preventing a bomb attack. She resigned from the force a rather than be a desk jockey. 

Tony Stark recognized her bravery and offers to provide her with a bionic arm. The arm provided her with superhuman strength. One of Misty's strongest traits is her loyalty to her friends. She saves her friend Collen Wing (also a hero) and they become a private detective team. It was known by two names "Knightwing Restoration" and daughters of the dragon (because both knew martial arts and often had to use those skills). From their Misty would team-up with Spider-Man and the X-Men then Iron Fist.

It was her private detective agency that lead her to meeting Iron Fist and Luke Cage, Misty and Colleen would end up helping Luke and Iron Fist on many cases and eventually she joined Heroes for Hire. This would go on for years and Misty even began a relationship with Iron Fist. Heroes for Hire took many street level cases but allowed to show the streets of Marvel's New York and they would stop many gangs and Hydra.

Civil War happened and shook up everything, Misty reformed and sided with registration after seeing all the heroes going unchecked on their abilities. This would put her at ends with Danny (Iron Fist) and break up Heroes for Hire. Though Iron Fist disagreed with the "Initiative" they stayed together and she even rushed to his aid with Luke Cage.

Post Civil War Misty creates her own  Heroes for Hire and provides a team of street level heroes in exchange for money and information. Then she joins a team of powerful women in the Fearless Defenders. (Things go silent for a little for Misty until All-New Marvel).

Her current Marvel status is with fighting along side Sam Wilson (Former Falcon/current Capt. America). She also appears to be in a relationship with Sam.

My hope is with the new Iron Fist show, Misty will return to Iron Fist in the comics as a bad ass Kung-Fu duo.

Why this hero?

I only knew by proxy of Iron Fist and the 2006 Civil War event story. I also read the brief run of Fearless Defenders and wanted to learn about all the super women in that title.  She sparked my interest but with on Netflix's current series Luke Cage, I had to check more of the awesome lady out. 

Recommended Reading:

  • Iron Fist Epic Collection: Fury of Iron Fist
  • Heroes for Hire (2006)
  • Fearless Defenders