Podcastage Ep. 75: South Dakota, Racist Walking Dead & Conspiracies

Hey everyone. We are on EPISODE 75, and I can't believe it! Moving on. 

On todays episode, I do a quick celebration on hitting two milestones and I talk about how I will be celebrating now that I don't drink. I also do a quick discussion of future spin off podcasts that I know will be bigger than Serial! 

Then we dive into Let's Learn Our Country and I go on and on about South Dakota and how AWFUL it is! Then we get into the real stuff. I talk about Fear the Walking Dead and if it is racist for murdering all the black characters in the series, and then discuss a quick bit about Pixels and if there is racism included in that film. 

Lastly, I talk about a conspiracy theory that I have developed. I do not have any data to back up my claims, so everything I say is pure speculation, but it makes sense and I am am almost certain that you will be scared after hearing it.