RCCCC: Bitch Planet

Kelly Sue Deconnick! I shouldn't have to say anymore being at the Bitch Planet panel, but I suppose I will share it anyway. Saturday September 20th 12:30 "Spotlight on Bitch Planet," with creators Deconnick, De Landro, Peter, & Cowles.

Bitch Planet is a dystopian future where women are sent off-world to a prison for being noncompliant. The book sets up like old exploitation films from the 60s & 70s and Kelly Sue explores her fascination with the genre. It is more than violence & space; this book explores women and in turn, empowers them.  It has women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds without judgement.

The greatest thing from this panel was when Kelly Sue explained her answer to all the feminist remarks she has received. "Why do you push a feminist agenda on your books?" To which she answers, "Superheroes stand up for the disempowered and defend the rights of humanity, how is that not feminist." I love this response! Superheroes are fiction created to hold up the standards and rights of everyone and that is what Kelly is doing in this book. Kelly Sue Deconnick also says she likes to "steer into the curve," when people call say she has an agenda.

Bitch Planet has a great team behind it and Kelly Sue admits she can't/doesn't speak for every woman but her book is amazing and shows women in a way we should all be looking at.