RCCCC: Lumberjanes


As one of the last panels at Rose City Comic Con I was very excited to attend the Lumberjanes panel on Sunday September 20th 2:30 pm. At the panel was Shannon Watters and Brooke Allen but the team is  (Shannon Watters, Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Brooke Allen Faith Erin Hicks).  If you know me(Logan) than you know I am a huge fan of Lumberjanes and if you don't know me or this comic let us explain .

I first stumbled into Lumberjanes at Emerald City Comic Con 2014, while walking passed Boom Studios booth where the team was sitting with the book infront of them. The unique art style and bright colors drew me in and  the title Lumberjanes just sounded cool I had to check it out. I read it while waiting for a panel then I returned to the creators to share my excitement and get it signed.

"Girlscouts vs monster," is how co-creator Shannon Watters pitched the book to her team and to Boom studios. Shannon Watters is apart of Boom Studios as an editor (as well as many other credits) and had the oppurtunity to pitch a book. Grace and Shannon also wanted knew they wanted the story to be "magic five" book. "Magic Five" meaning a team like Scooby Doo or  Baby-sitters Club. The idea was pitched and picked up as a 8 issue miniseries but with all the fan response and reception it was made into a full ongoing seriers. Brooke and Shannon explained they couldn't have anticipated the love of this book but are so excited and grateful. They have now won an Eisner for the series and you can pick up the book in stores to show you love too.


Lumberjanes vol.1