Do You Even Comic: WE 3

Here we are on Thursday and it is time for Do You Even Comic with Logan Naugle. This month's book is We3 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. The Vertigo miniseries initially came out in 2004 and since its release has been optioned for a movie adaptation (but has yet to be produced). 

The Story

We3  takes place in a not too distant future by which the military is working to weaponize animals in robotic armor. The story follows 3 stray animals (dog,cat,rabbit) that get captured and encased in the armor. They then try to FLEA to freedom. Explaining anymore would spoil the short but impactful story. Plus who doesn't want to see animals in robotic armor.

Why this book?

The team that is Grant and Frank is a powerful one. When you look up the titles they have worked on together you see All-Star Superman, Batman and Robin and New X-men. It would seem that every time these guys work together they create something amazing and We3 was my first look into that amazing portfolio.

Grant Morrison is now a writer I can't get away from. He is constantly and consistently evolving his work, and every original book he works on strikes the emotional core of the readers and makes you think about what you're reading. Then there is Frank Quietly who self describes his art as "western manga". I'm not sure what that is but I like his style. There is this realistic but organic softness to his work.

Of course  I didn't realize I would love the work of this team when I picked up We3, nor did I think a short story like this would be so emotional for me. The book tugs at your heart and those are the stories I want to read. That is what makes discovery fun when someone else (my brother) shows you a story you haven't heard of and you are amazed but how much it affects you or how much you love it. 

If this sounded like a book for you then get it here:

Book: We3