RCCCC: Finding Your Way

RCCCC stands for Rose City Comic Con Coverage, and most people going to cons are like me (they want to be making comic books) but we don't always know how to or how to keep going. Luckily the panel: Finding the door to mainstream publishing was there for us all (Saturday 5:30 pm) .

The one sentence answer is "there is no one way to break into comics or become mainstream". Chris Sheridan (Motorcycle Samurai), Daniel Warren Johnson ( Space Mullet) and Emi Lennox (Plutona) can all attest to this fact. Chris, Daniel and Emi all tackle their creations differently and I found this beautifully frustrating. Its comforting to know that there isn't a formula to success and that you can make the comic come alive regardless of your personal situation. That being said it can be frustrating not having a clear answer to making your way into the comic world.

Now that we know this let's discuss talk about what the panelist could offer as far as advice and working on a project. The following are all tips on making your comic a reality.

  • Routine Routine Routine

For some people it is finding that rhythm of getting up early everyday and starting your morning of with breakfast, work out and then creating before it gets to late in the day and your time slips away from you.

Daniel Warren Johnson is a married man and works at home. For him it is a balance of getting up early to maximize his work time along with cleaning and being married. So he gets up early works out and then gets cracking on the project. * it must be noted that if you want eat healthy, Daniel has a a kale smoothie and mixes in mango for a flavor boost.

Other creators work differently. Emi Lennox gets up around 10 am and wakes to some Final Fantasy before getting started on a project and then works late into the night. She still spends several hours on the project but goes about it differently, and her Final Fantasy is on point.

Or Chris Sheridan who has a full time day job and works on the his books after he regular job. 

  • Work

The reason to have a routine is to consciously tell yourself to work. It is easy to get distracted and easy to make excuses. But when you set goals and make routines you force yourself to work.

If you can't outright make your book, you can still work in the industry and meet people, chat and become friends. You can learn and ask questions to people in the industry. But this requires participation. You must be active and go out to the conventions or look for jobs at companies.

  • Creator Relationship

"Writers looking for artist should be confident" says Daniel Warren Johnson. He talks about understanding the humility artists all have, but when you're shopping around to collaborate, you need to be confident and enthusiastic in your work. You must believe in what you're doing in order for others to jump on board.

Also when starting a collaboration and relationship as artist and writer you need to be clear about the roles.  How malleable is the script? You need to be straight forward about what you want from each other in the project.

  • Just make the damn comic!

This panel was funny and amazing to be at and to hear from creators all working at different levels in the comic field from different angles, all saying the same thing; go make your comic. It takes effort and if you are serious about making a comic you will find your answers.  You will find the time and you will find the people you need in order to make that happen. Don't be discouraged by the time it takes and instead work on the work you want to make.

Daniel Warren Johnson mentioned one more thing that I thought was important to close on. "Education has failed at telling kids you can do what you love." But we all need to be reminded that we can.

One more quote: "Just do it"-Emi

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