What Does Coffee Actually Do To Your Body?

Hey everyone. Vlog Time! This time I figured I would look into the chemical effects of caffeine on the body. I wanted to do this because I love coffee. It tastes great, makes you feel awesome, but if you stop drinking it, you brain decides it wants to jump out of your body.

With the minimal reading I did, I was unable to draw any concrete conclusions about the cause of Caffeine headaches, but I have a theory. Coffee has a very similar effect on our brain chemistry as Heroin, just a much milder version. When people are quitting heroin, I hear they get headaches along with a lot of other horrible physical manifestations. I think that caffeine withdrawal headaches have to do with this chemistry part of our brain. 

Well, enjoy the Vlog and let me know what your thoughts and theories are on caffeine. (Below are the citations of the readings I used for this information).