SF-930 Microphone Review

Hey Everyone. Tuesday Means another microphone review. This week I tested out another one of those really cheap mass produced microphones that are sold under a dozen different company names. This week I tested out the SF-930. It is another one that looks really goofy, but regardless of the odd look, it definitely sounds better than $14.

That's really all that this microphone costs. $14, and if you are just going to be using it for a  voice over on youtube, or live streaming a game and you don't have a higher budget, then this mic will work for you. The mic is Omni-directional, meaning it picks up audio 360-degrees around the microphones, it has a gain knob on the microphone, it's frequency response is 50Hz to 16KHz, and it is an XLR Mic.

When you order this mic you get the Microphone, a stand, and an XLR - 1/8" (3.5mm) microphone cable. This is everything you need to get started recording audio. You plug it right into your computer microphone in and you should be good to record. I feel like I need to mention this...if you are recording, check the mics input level to make sure you are not clipping (distorting the audio). Let me know what your thoughts on this mic are in the comment section down below.