Podcastage Ep. 73: Woodchippers & Pancakes

Hey Y'all. After a lovely Saturday off from Geeks Rising & Podcastage work that consisted of traveling and working for Monday's VLOG, I am back with another podcast! WOO! On this one, I get really heavy, but before I do that I introduce you to the theme song for the segment on the last three episodes "Learn Our Country"...This will be easy to expand to entire countries who have not downloaded me. Then I can focus my sights on whole CONTINENTS! I will be downloaded from everywhere! But before I get ahead of myself. On this episode I attack North Dakota!

After the introduction, we get into a bit heavier of topics. We start with a discussion of a post I saw on facebook. It is regarding animal abuse and how horrible that is, but also how horrible the response to it was, then we go into deeper and darker territory about murder, and then gun control! It is a heavy episode and I hope you find as much enjoyment in it as I find in making these...even when they are covering serious topics.