Podcastage Ep. 70: Idaho is for Bears

Greetings Everyone. It is Wednesday which means that it is time for another episode of Podcastage. On this episode, I attempt a new segment...but before that, I go on a bit of a diatribe about apartments and how useless a certain apartment that I am very familiar with is horrible. 

Then I discuss a few absurd realizations that I have made about youtube, which happen relatively often. Then for the new segment. I tell you all the important and relevant information about the state of Idaho because I am trying to gain listeners from the great gem state. Lastly I answer a question from @HCeniceros regarding the current state of art, and I answer a question that I have posed to podcasters on other podcasts. Welp. I have told you everything that happens, so you don't really need to listen to the episode, but I recommend you do so anyways! Also, don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe in iTunes, share the podcast around, and also, follow me on twitter and youtube! See y'all tomorrow.